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(Reference) Laying a foundation for the Green New Deal with the smart waterworks management system


▷'Wide-area smart waterworks management system' covering from water intake to improvement of damaged pipe 

▷AI-based water treatment system to be introduced in the 2H

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Cho Myung-rae) announced that it will introduce the 'AI-based water purification and treatment system' from the second half of this year as part of the 'wide-area smart waterworks management system' which was included in the supplementary budget proposal to be implemented immediately.

Those facilities that will benefit from the system include 48 wide-area waterworks and industrial water facilities such as water treatment plant and water intake source with high risk of tidal currents.

This intelligent water management system utilizes advanced technologies to automatize the chemical cleansing for water purification and treatment, and to make an early incident detection.

With this water purifying smart technology, one can operate water treatment plant automatically, optimize the operation, and minimize human error-based accident.

So, as the Smart Wide-area Waterworks System is introduced, the government bolsters water quality and leakage management (water intake, clean water production & supply), and water crisis response capacity that encompasses water pipe repair and water contamination accident.

Ministry of Environment has begun to implement the Smart Waterworks System for the wide-area in full swing which will be part of the Korean Green New Deal.

To this end, on the morning of June 12th, Vice Minister of Environment made on-site visits to Hwaseong water treatment plant managed by K-Water, an affiliate organization of the Ministry of Environment.

On his visit, Vice Minister Hong Jeong Kee was reported the plan on the 'AI-based water treatment system' to be completed by 2023 as part of the wide-area smart waterworks management system. He then toured the facility where the system will be introduced, and greeted the staff there.

Hwaseong facility that provides 178,000㎥/day of residential water to Hwaseong City and Pyeongtaek City has been operating since it was equipped with the advanced water treatment operation system in 2016.

Vice Minister Hong emphasized that "the wide-area smart waterworks management system will be an integral part of the Green New Deal. We will do our best for its effective implementation so that the system can serve to provide a decisive momentum in the post-corona economy."