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Korean experience of treating coronavirus-generated clinical waste goes to the world


▷KECO-UNDP online knowledge sharing seminar on Korea's response to COVID-19 and safe clinical waste treatment

▷With 40 UNDP offices participating globally, online meeting takes place real-time for a wider public engagement

Korea Environment Corporation (KECO, CEO Jang Jun-young), an affiliate organization of the Ministry of Environment, holds online seminar with the officers of 40 UNDP offices around the world on June 5th at 21:30.

※ UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), under the UN General Assembly umbrella, is mandated to develop and manage the socio-economic development projects for developing countries and the aid that goes to them.

At this seminar, medical waste experts of KECO share with around 100 staff members from 40 UNDP offices how Korea has managed and treated the clinical wastes generated from the outbreak of COVID-19.

Organized at the request of UNDP, this online seminar takes place under the theme of 'Building a Better Environment: COVID-19 Response - Clinical Waste Treatment in Korea and Other Countries'.

The seminar also discusses △ KECO's support in managing municipal and clinical wastes that are generated at temporary quarantine facility & briefing the general status of medical waste generation, and △UNDP's global perspective on clinical waste treatment and possible ways to address the issue.

To comply with the 'distancing in daily life' instruction and promote a wider public engagement, the seminar is live-streamed real-time on a virtual platform.

Anyone can make a pre-registration at the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre website ( before joining the seminar.

Questions can be posted on the real-time chat window during the presentation.

So far, KECO has cooperated with the UNDP in a number of ways; for example, organizing joint environmental projects (sharing policy know-hows on waste, sewage and wastewater) for the focus countries that Korea's New Southern and New Northern Policies target; and nurturing international environmental professionals by sending Korean interns to the UNDP.

Jang Jun-young, CEO of KECO, said that "the joint online seminar with the UNDP is a significant opportunity for Korea to share its COVID-19 response experience with the global community. I will further engage in sharing knowledge and know-hows to address other environmental issues that are facing the international community."