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Ministry of Environment Prepares Response Strategies for Intensifying New Climate and Environmental Trade Norms

▷ Ministry to hold policy forum to develop internal strategy for addressing climate and environmental trade agenda

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) will hold the ‘The 1st Climate and Environment Trade Policy Forum’ at SpaceShare (located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul) on April 30. Chaired by Lee Chang-heum, Deputy Minister of the Climate Change and Carbon Neutral Policy Office, the forum will be held to analyze and discuss the rapidly changing climate and environmental policies in connection with trade environment with experts from academia, legal circles, and related fields, and to devise systematic response measures.

During this event, experts will examine and discuss topics such as the flow of climate and environmental trade from the initial introduction of environmental norms in trade to the recent incorporation of climate change agendas into new norm adoption and dissemination; the nature of protectionist climate and environmental regulations accelerating adoption in advanced countries, and the relationship between bilateral and multilateral trade agreements; and environmental dispute cases and recent trends, through presentations by experts.

In particular, at this 1st forum, the implementation of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) (October 2023) and legislative efforts for the introduction of similar measures in the UK, as well as the consideration of Australia’s review of carbon taxation, will be examined in order to assess trends centered around CBAM and carbon taxation, and discuss response measures.

Lee Chang-heum, Deputy Minister of the Climate Change and Carbon Neutral Policy Office, stated, “As countries accelerate efforts towards carbon neutrality while seeking to maintain domestic industrial competitiveness, it is urgent to proactively anticipate the impact on our industries, link major climate and environmental policies with economic performance, and accelerate their expansion.” He added, “We plan to explore the direction of domestic climate and environmental policies that align with international trade trends and develop strategies to identify opportunities.”

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