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Enjoy the Beautiful Underwater Ecosystems of National Parks through an Online Photo Book

▷ Revealing a Collection of 100 Scenes of Marine Life and Underwater Landscapes Captured by the National Park Research Institute

The National Park Service under the Ministry of Environment (Director Song Hyung-kun will release an online photo book titled Together Sea National Park E-Book on February 16, featuring high-quality photos of the underwater ecosystems of marine and coastal national parks. It will be available on the Korea National Park Service's website at

This photo book is a compilation of marine organisms and underwater landscapes captured by researchers from the National Park Research Institute during the basic surveys of island and coastal ecological axes conducted from March to the end of last year. It was created to promote the beauty of the elusive underwater world and the value of marine ecosystems in national parks.

The photo book includes 100 photos on a total of 43 marine organisms and underwater landscapes from the Hallyeohaesang and Dadohaehaesang National Parks, featuring 23 species of fish and 14 species of cnidarias. Among the 43 marine organisms, four species classified as Endangered Wildlife Class II are included, namely the Euplexaura crassa, Dendronephthya putteri, Dendrophyllia cribrosa, and white coral. 

Additionally, the photo book includes pictures of the Laticauda semifasciata, first discovered in South Korea during the survey of newly added islands in Dadohae National Park last year, resting underwater. 

Jeong Yong-sang, the director of the National Park Research Institute, stated, "Through the online release of the 'Together Sea National Park E-Book,' we hope to share the beauty of the diverse organisms and landscapes in the underwater ecosystems of national parks with the public. We anticipate that this will serve as an opportunity to enhance public awareness of natural conservation, particularly for the preservation of marine ecosystems in national parks."

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