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Daegu Hosts Korea International Water Week: Addressing Water Disasters Amidst Climate Crisis

▷ From December 6 to 9, Participation of High-Level Representatives and Water Experts from Over 70 Countries Worldwide

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) will hold the 'Korea International Water Week 2023 (hereinafter referred to as International Water Week)' at EXCO in Buk-gu, Daegu from December 6 to 9. 

The International Water Week, which has been held since 2016, is jointly organized by the Ministry of Environment, Daegu Metropolitan City (Mayor Hong Joon-pyo), K-Water (CEO Yun Seog Dae), and Korea Environment Corporation (CEO Ahn Byung-Ok). The event is a large-scale international event organized by the nonprofit corporation Korea Water Forum (President Kwak Kyulho). 

This event provides a platform for discussing global efforts and solutions to address water issues, particularly in the face of climate crises such as extreme droughts. It includes discussions on water-related technologies, exhibitions of advanced technologies for future climate crisis responses, and opportunities for exchange between overseas buyers and domestic water companies.

This year, over 15,000 participants from more than 70 countries, including high-level officials from the Kenyan Ministry of Water Sanitation and Irrigation (Minister Zachariah Mwangi Njeru) and the American Water Works Association (President Patrick Kerr), as well as representatives from various governments, private sector, institutions, and academia in the water sector, are expected to participate.

* Tin Ponlok, Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment, Kingdom of Cambodia; Abdul Aziz bin Muhareb Al-Shaibani, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Shahbaz Khan, UNESCO Regional Director for East Asia; Veolia, Asia Regional Director; and Ahmet Mete Saatci, Board member, World Water Council, etc.  

The International Water Week will commence on December 6 with an opening ceremony under the theme 'Water Disaster Risk Management Resilient to Climate Crisis.' The event will feature over 50 side events, including high-level water sector conferences, international academic symposiums, and exhibitions.

The high-level water conference, 'Water Leaders Roundtable,' will bring together global high-level participants in the water sector to adopt a declaration expressing their commitment to sustainable water management. 

At the 'World Water Partnership,' representatives from countries that have hosted the World Water Forum, including South Korea, will participate in discussions on involvement and collaboration for the upcoming 10th World Water Forum scheduled for May next year. 

Events such as the 'World Water Challenge' and 'Korea Junior Water Prize' will provide opportunities for both domestic and international experts and young people to participate in competitions aimed at finding solutions to water issues. In addition, there will be a platform event called the 'Technology, Implementation, and Policy (TIP) Platform,' fostering the exchange of experiences in technology, implementation, and policies between developing and developed countries. 

The 'Water Business Square,' aimed at supporting the overseas expansion and promoting exchanges of the domestic water industry, is an on-site exhibition featuring over 50 outstanding domestic water companies. The exhibition includes various programs such as public procurement consultations, presentations of new products and technologies, and export consultation meetings with invited overseas buyers. 

For online registration and detailed information about the International Water Week event, please visit the official website at


Minister Han Wha-jin of the Ministry of Environment stated, "South Korea is further strengthening water management policies based on science and technology to proactively respond to the recently normalized climate crisis." She added, "We expect the Korea International Water Week event to become a space for exchanging water management policies and technologies worldwide, finding practical solutions to water issues. It is a precious opportunity for the South Korean water industry to extend globally."

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