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Reference Materials Related to Vice Minister of Environment's Participation in Pyrolysis Facility Event and Field Visit

1. Schedule

2.21 (Wed) Attendance at the commemorative event and on-site visit of RevoTech, which operates the only continuous waste plastic pyrolysis* recycling facility in Korea

* A method that continuously inputs and processes raw materials, superior in terms of thermal efficiency compared to batch pyrolysis (a method that processes after inputting raw materials for a certain period, treating each batch, interrupting, and then reprocessing)

※ (RevoTech Corp.) 311-43 Gaeun-ro, Maseong-myeon, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

2. Main Message

▷ Vice Minister Lim Sang-jun, "To advance towards a circular economy society, we must activate chemical recycling, such as pyrolysis, which can play a role in urban oil extraction."

- "The development and commercialization of waste plastic pyrolysis technology are crucial for the transition to a circular economy society. The government also plans to actively support technological development and implement regulatory improvements to promote activity in this field."

To promote the transition to a circular economy society, expanding high-value recycling, such as the pyrolysis of waste plastics, is essential. The Ministry of Environment is actively pursuing policies to boost pyrolysis, including amending related regulations and expanding incentives.

Recycling types and detailed criteria have been established to facilitate the utilization of pyrolysis oil in the production of naphtha, a plastic raw material. Policies such as recognizing greenhouse gas reduction achievements and supporting unit price increases in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) subsidies are implemented to promote the transition to pyrolysis.

Furthermore, research and development (R&D) on the recycling of waste plastics into raw materials will be promoted, with plans to proceed with the establishment and optimization of continuous pyrolysis processes and the development of monomer* production technology.

* (Monomer) Small substances that constitute the units of polymer compounds such as plastics

Vice Minister Lim Sang-jun stated, "The government will listen to voices from the field and spare no effort in providing necessary support, along with regulatory improvements, to promote the activation of pyrolysis."

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