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National Institute of Biological Resources Takes Initiative in Integrated Management of Genetic Resources in Ecuador

▷Local conference held for the conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity in Ecuador

The National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR, President Seo Min-hwan) under the Ministry of Environment announced that a local stakeholders’ meeting for the efficient management of genetic resources in Ecuador will be held in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, for two days from November 23 (local time).

Ecuador, with diverse ecosystems such as the Amazon, the Andes, and the Gal?pagos, is a country rich in biodiversity. The nation is making efforts at the national level to integrate and manage genetic resources in order to address the crisis of decreasing biodiversity. 

In response, the NIBR, the overarching authority for biodiversity, has been pursuing a public development assistance project since December of last year with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). The project is focused on establishing and enhancing the National Genetic Resource Data Bank for biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization in Ecuador.

The Conference, in collaboration with the KOICA Ecuador office, involves the participation of over 50 stakeholders. This includes seven high-ranking officials, equivalent to university presidents, and 10 practical professionals, including professors, who underwent training at the National Institute of Biological Resources in April and August. Participants also include representatives from various entities such as the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Institute of Biodiversity Research, universities, and research institutions in Ecuador.

During the Conference, invited participants will discuss mid-to-long-term strategies and standard guidelines for genetic resource management, as well as the operational regulations for a bio center. They will work together to establish a consortium for the operation of the eight local bio centers and the ‘Ecuador National Genetic Resource Data Bank.’ The aim is to lay the foundation for the integrated management of genetic resources.

Seo Min-hwan, President of the NIBR, stated, “This conference is a crucial opportunity for Ecuador, a biodiversity-rich country, to promote the integrated management of genetic resources at the national level in the face of the deepening global biodiversity crisis.” He further emphasized, “It will significantly contribute to the conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity worldwide.”

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