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Announcing Our Green Technologies and Climate Change Efforts in Dubai

▷Operation of the Korea Pavilion at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28)

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) and the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (President Choi Heung Jin) will operate the Korea Pavilion at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from November 30 to December 12.

The Korea Pavilion has been operated at venues where the Conference of the Parties (COP) has been held since 2011. Through this, various stakeholders in Korean society exchange climate change response activities with the international community and convey their will to address climate change to the world. This year, the Korea Pavilion is planned to be organized into a side event area and a technology exhibition area.

In particular, the technology exhibition being introduced for the first time this year is themed ‘Team Korea, Green Industry for Sustainable Future.’ It will showcase various green technologies in the circular economy and energy transition fields, featuring 16 domestic companies including SK E&S, POSCO, and Hyosung. 

Visitors can experience advanced green technologies through various models and enjoy the exhibition through activities such as virtual reality (VR) experiences and video presentations. In addition, on the opening day, November 30, an Industry Day will be held to assist companies in entering into actual technology purchase agreements with buyers. It aims to provide a platform for international expansion of green industries by supporting meetings between Korean companies and local governments and facilitating discussions.

In the side event area, daily specific themes, such as climate action, will be designated. More than 60 domestic and international institutions will host 46 side events aligned with these themes. 

* Climate Action (December 1), Industry (December 2), Climate Adaptation (December 3), Finance (December 4), Energy Transition (December 5), Urban and Transportation (December 6), Youth and Civil Society (December 8), Nature and Forests (December 9), Water and Oceans (December 10), Cross-cutting Issues (December 11)

Various stakeholders, including government agencies, public institutions, youth, industries, academia, local governments, and international organizations, will participate in these side events. The side events are diverse and include international seminars, business agreements between governments and industries, and more.

Details about the 16 technologies exhibited in the Korea Pavilion and the 46 side events can be accessed through the Korea Pavilion website ( starting from November 24. Some of the side events will also be live-streamed through online broadcasting platforms such as YouTube.

* Search for ‘COP28 Korea Pavilion’ on YouTube to watch the content

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Environment & Labor Committee, will host an event on November 27 at the Kensington Hotel in Yeouido. Participants who will directly attend the COP28 will share their activity plans in advance and engage in discussions on climate policies. In this event, representatives from the youth, industry, local governments, as well as the National Assembly and the government, will exchange thoughts on climate change and consolidate their determination to address climate change.

Lee Young-seok, Director of Climate Change and International Cooperation Bureau at the Ministry of Environment, stated, “Through the operation of the Korea Pavilion, we will provide a platform for excellent green technologies from South Korea to enter the international market. We will continue to strengthen communication with the international community for climate change response.”

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