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The Ministry of Environment designates 13 leading environmental companies for 2023

On November 17, the Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) held a ceremony and meeting with 13 companies selected as leading environmental companies for 2023 at Aloft Seoul Myeongdong (located in Jung-gu, Seoul). 

Since 2012, the Ministry has designated environmental companies with outstanding business performance and technologies as promising environmental companies. The Ministry has supported these organizations through the ‘Superior Environmental Industrial Enterprise Designation System*.’

* Article 7-6 of the ‘Environmental Technology and Industry Support Act’ (Designation and Support for Superior Environmental Industrial Enterprises)

The 13 companies designated as leading environmental companies are: △climate and atmosphere (Smart Power, EPiT), △water and water quality (Bluesen, Samkun Century, Samjin Precision, Seojin Energy, H-Korbi, Turbowin), △resource recycling and waste (Daehan E&C, Starstech), and △other environment (Daeil E&C, Wonkwang S&T, GT Scien).

The companies were selected through a 3.1:1 competition ratio by passing an evaluation of applicant presentations, on-site inspections, and deliberation procedures.

For the next five years, companies designated as leading environmental companies will receive various benefits to strengthen their competitiveness. These measures include support for producing corporate promotional videos, support for operating promotion halls at domestic and international exhibitions, and additional points when participating in support projects organized by the Ministry.

The Ministry plans to discuss challenges as well as seek ways to overcome them in the environmental industry at a meeting after the designation ceremony. Such challenges include recruiting personnel and overseas expansion.

Jang Gi-bok, the Director-General of the Green Transition Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Environment, stated, “As 2023 is the first year of fostering green industries, this year’s designation of leading environmental companies carries an especially special meaning,” He added, “We will make more efforts to upgrade related support policies so that our leading environmental companies can play a pivotal role in leading the global green industry.”



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