Organizational Structure


  • Spokesperson
  • Public Relations Team
  • Digital Media Communication Team
  • Policy Advisor to the Minister

Vice Minister

  • General Service Division
  • Inspector General
  • Audit and Inspection Division
  • Enviromental Investigation Division
  • Planning and Coordination Office Policy Planning Bureau
    • Planning and Budget Division
    • Organization and Management Innovation Division
    • Legal Affairs and Regulations Reform Division
    • ICT Management Division
    • Emergency and Safety Division
    • Conflict Resolution Team
  • Natural Environment Policy Office Green Transition Policy Bureau
    • Green Transition Policy Division
    • Green Industry Innovation Division
    • Green Technology Development Division
    • Integrated Permit System Division
    • Environmental Education Team
    Nature Conservation Bureau
    • Nature and Ecology Policy Division
    • Biodiversity Division
    • Nature Park Division
    • Environment Assessment Policy Division
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Division
    Resources Circulation Bureau
    • Resources Circulation Policy Division
    • Waste Resources Management Division
    • Municipal waste management division
    • Resources Recycling Division
    • Waste-to-Energy Division
  • Living Environment Policy Office Air Quality Policy Bureau
    • Air Quality Policy Division
    • Air Quality Future Strategy Division
    • Air Quality Management Division
    • Transportation Environment Division
    Climate Change and International Cooperation Bureau
    • Climate Change Strategy Division
    • Climate Change Mitigation Division
    • International Cooperation Division
    • Climate Change Mitigation Team
    Environmental Health Bureau
    • Environmental Health Policy Division
    • Environmental Damage Relief Division
    • Indoor Air, Noise and Management Division
    • Chemicals Policy Division
    • Chemical Products and Biocides Division
    • Chemical Safety Division
  • Integrated Water Management Bureau
    • Water Policy Coordination Division
    • Water Use Planning Division
    • Soil and Groundwater Division
  • Water Environment Policy Bureau
    • Water Environment Policy Division
    • Water Quality Management Division
    • Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation Division
    • Sewerage Division
  • Water Resources Policy Bureau
    • Water Resources Policy Division
    • Water Resources Management Division
    • Water Industry and International Cooperation Division