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Ministry of Environment and Ministry of National Defense Join Hands to Expand Military Unit Environmental Education

▷ Environmental education conducted for 100 military environmental officers to promote eco-friendly unit operations

The Ministry of Environment (ME, Minister Han Wha-jin) announced that, in collaboration with the Ministry of National Defense (MND, Minister Shin Won-sik), environmental education focusing on delivering specialized environmental knowledge and enhancing eco-friendly capabilities will be conducted for military environmental officers (including soldiers and military personnel involved in environmental-related tasks) starting from July 9.

Environmental education targeting military environmental officers was conducted in September 2023 for 31 Army personnel. In 2024, it has been expanded to a total of 100 personnel, including Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and units under the direct control of the MND (agencies), reflecting advice from a cooperative advisory group between the ME and the MND and inter-agency requirements.

The education sessions are scheduled as follows: Navy and Marine Corps from July 9 to 12, units under the direct control of the MND (agencies) from July 15 to 18, Air Force from September 24 to 27, and Army from October 28 to 31. They will take place four times over three nights and four days at Korea DMZ Peace Life Valley in Inje-gun, Gangwon Province.

This education is designed to provide fundamental training for eco-friendly unit operations, share environmental pollution cases and mitigation strategies specific to each unit, provide guidance on military-related environmental laws, and include practical activities such as exploring environmental infrastructure.

Han Myoungsil, Team Leader of the Environmental Education Team at the Ministry of Environment, stated, “Through this education, we aim to strengthen the capabilities of military environmental officers to foster and operate eco-friendly military units.” She added, “We will continue to closely collaborate with the Ministry of National Defense to ensure active environmental education within the military in the future.” 

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