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Green Industry Contracting and Exporting Upswing: Achieving KRW 15 Trillion in the First Half of the Year Through Public-Private Collaboration

▷ Ministry of Environment poised to achieve KRW 22 trillion in green industry contracts and exports this year, KRW 100 trillion within term

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) announced that it achieved KRW 15 trillion in green industry contracts and exports from January 1 to June 30 this year. 

Considering that it achieved a performance of KRW 20.4966 trillion in total last year, it is achieving rapid progress in contracts and exports this year.

The Ministry of Environment formed the Green Industry Alliance in January last year with industry, financial institutions, and public agencies to activate overseas expansion of green industries, and currently, 72 organizations are participating.

The Ministry of Environment regularly holds one-on-one strategy meetings with participating organizations to facilitate close communication and cooperation. Through these meetings, they identify challenges for each project, establish tailored support measures, and provide them to relevant foreign governments and clients, aiming to expand contracts and exports in the green industry through comprehensive efforts.

In the first half of the year, notable achievements in green industry contracts include seawater desalination projects awarded in Oman (GS Inima), green hydrogen production projects by Samsung C&T, and water supply and sewerage design projects awarded in Saudi Arabia (Kunhwa).

GS Inima’s seawater desalination project awarded in Oman was originally awarded in December 2020 but was suspended due to a change request from the client regarding the project site. 

In August last year, Minister Han Wha-jin led a delegation from the Ministry of Environment to Oman to meet with Salim bin Nasser Al Aufi, the Omani Minister of Energy and Minerals, to request the prompt resumption of the project. Minister Al Aufi responded affirmatively to ensure the project would resume promptly.

The Ministry of Environment also selected Oman as a priority country for green hydrogen support. The ministry conducted feasibility studies, dispatched high-level and technical support teams for contract acquisition, and organized visits of Omani government officials to South Korea. As a result, domestic companies such as Samsung C&T and POSCO Holdings secured green hydrogen production projects from the Omani government and are proceeding with investment projects.

Meanwhile, the domestic engineering firm Kunhwa was selected as the final design consultant for three out of six zones in Saudi Arabia’s water supply and sewerage expansion and improvement project on January 18 this year. 

The significance lies in the potential favorable conditions for domestic construction companies to participate in the upcoming construction bids, including the main project (approximately KRW 6 trillion) as South Korean companies are involved in designing Saudi Arabia’s water supply and sewerage systems.

To create conditions for domestic companies to win contracts from designing to construction of Saudi Arabia’s water supply and sewerage systems, the Ministry of Environment dispatched Minister Han Wha-jin as the head of a support team to Saudi Arabia in May last year. During the visit, she met with Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al Fadley, Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, actively introducing the excellence of South Korea’s water supply and sewerage design technology.

From last year to this year, the Ministry dispatched green industry support teams 37 times to 23 different countries. Given the nature of overseas projects, the effects of contract support are expected to manifest over the long term. Looking ahead, they anticipate successful contracts in various green sectors such as water industries, waste-to-energy, and renewable energy.

Following last year, the Ministry of Environment has set a challenging goal of creating KRW 22 trillion in contracts and exports this year, aiming for a total of KRW 100 trillion within its term. The ministry is achieving this through dispatching green industry support teams to support companies in every stage of overseas expansion, from negotiation assistance to contract acquisition and post-management.

Minister Han Wha-jin stated, “The achievement of KRW 15 trillion in the first half of the year is the fruit of the sweat and efforts of the industry that trusted and worked together with the government.” She added, “We will continue to exert more effort to lead domestic companies in pioneering carbon neutrality and green transition in the global green market, thereby establishing Korea as a powerhouse in green industry exports.”

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