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Publication of the 2023 White Paper of Environment: Policy Achievements at a Glance

▷ Introducing comprehensive highlights of environmental policy achievements in the 42nd year of the White Paper of Environment

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) will publish the ‘2023 White Paper of Environment’ on May 3, which summarizes the achievements of various environmental policies pursued by the government in 2023 and this year’s environmental policy implementation plan.

Since its first publication in 1982, the ‘White Paper of Environment,’ now in its 42nd year, has been systematically docum.enting the main contents and progress of environmental policies pursued over the years. It is designed to make environmental policies easily understandable for everyone, including academia, civil society, local governments, and the general public.

The ‘2023 White Paper of Environment’ introduces various policy efforts and achievements of the Ministry to establish the foundation for green transition in our economy and society, marking the second year of the Yoon Suk Yeol administration.

In Part 1, a summary of the representative environmental policy achievements pursued by the Ministry throughout the year 2023 is provided, focusing on future value, economic vitality, and aspects of livelihood and safety.

Part 2 provides detailed information on the government’s policies and trends in various fields, linking socially significant topics and environmental policies such as preparing for the future with global responsibility, environment in partnership with national economy, ensuring a safe environment without environmental disasters, and enhancing quality of life with better environment.

Part 3 includes this year’s environmental policy implementation plans categorized under themes such as safe environmental management, carbon-neutral green growth, and comprehensive environmental welfare.

In particular, this year’s White Paper systematically includes major policies newly established or implemented in 2023, such as the establishment of the National Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth Basic Plan, fostering green new industries, and enacting the Urban River Basin Flood Damage Prevention Measures Act. It also highlights significant achievements, including the attainment of a KRW 20 trillion contract for green industry exports and the promotion of Mt. Palgongsan to a national park in December 2023. In addition, to commemorate this event, the White Paper includes photographic information on the habitat status of flora and fauna in 23 national parks in South Korea.

The 2023 White Paper of Environment will be available for free download as a PDF file on the Ministry of Environment’s website ( starting from the afternoon of May 3. In addition, from mid-May onwards, it will be available for purchase at major bookstores nationwide and online bookstores (YES24, Aladdin, etc.) for a fee (at the regular price of KRW 15,000).

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