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The Construction of Water Supply on a Remote Island was Completed

▷ Oebyeongdo Island of Dadohaehaesang National Park completely resolves the long-standing issue of water supply

Sejong, June 13 - The Ministry of Environment (ME, Minister Han Wha-jin) and the Korea National Park Service (KNPS, Chairman Song Hyung-geun) announced that they installed groundwater pipes and water purification equipment on Oebyungdo Island. On June 10, the ceremony on the occasion of the completion of the water supply project took place on Oebyeongdo Island. The Oebyeongdo Island is a remote island located in the Dadohaesang National Park and is eighteen kilometers away from Jindo Island. Only seventeen households and twenty people with an average age of seventy-six live on the island. The water pipes and purification systems were installed as a part of a project to improve living environments in deprived regions of the Environment Ministry. It will ensure a stable water supply for islanders, resolving the region's long-standing issue of freshwater scarcity. 

"The water provided by the water supply vessels was not enough that we even had to save rainwater for use as potable water," said Park Hyeong-sik, the village leader. "It was hard to invite my grandchildren or other relatives because they would not be able to wash properly here. I'm glad we are now free from the water scarcity problem we have had for so long."

The Ministry of Environment is undertaking the "project for improving living environments in deprived regions" within national parks for the first time this year. Starting with Oebyeongdo Island, the project will rehabilitate the environments in thirty-seven more remote villages in national parks by 2026. The ministry will also make efforts to boost village communities and ecological tours by providing packaging for local goods and sales channels, improving senior citizen community centers, and building accommodations by renovating abandoned houses. This project's ultimate goal is to form sustainable national parks cooperating with local societies.

Environment Minister Han Wha-jin said, "Until recently, remote islands in the national parks have often become blind spots for the government's support. The Ministry of Environment will continue to support residents to improve their living environment starting from the project of Oebyeongdo Island."

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