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Asian Black Bear (KM-53) Traveled Past Sangju to Boeun, Chungcheongbuk-do

▷ A male Asian black bear (KM-53) who hibernated in Gayasan Mountain was found over 57km away in Boeun, Chungcheongbuk-do

Sejong, June 13 - It is ed that one of the Asian Balck Bears, KM-53, who hibernated in Gayasan Mountain in Gyeongsangnam-do last winter, moved to Boeun, Chuncheongbuk-do. The KM-53 became famous to the public because he had a car accident, got surgery due to a severe fracture in 2018, recuperated from the surgery, and returned to Sudosan Mountain in Gimcheon. Since then, he has become so active that he moved from Deokyusan Mountain to Jirisan Mountain in the last three years. 

After waking up from hibernation this spring, KM-53 spent roughly 50 days roaming around Gaya mountain, Deokyu mountain, and Minjooji mountain and has moved north away from its habitat since May 27. The Korea National Park Service (KNPS) tracked the KM-53's moving path 24 hours a day with a locating system attached to his neck and ear. At the same time, the KNPS shared the bear's location with residents to prevent any safety-related accidents. The KNPS also disseminated publications on what to do when encountering the bear. Experts believe KM-53's curiosity about breeding and exploring food made him leave the habitat. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment will seek ways to take care of the bear based on the outcome of monitoring KM-53's movement after close consultation with experts. 

"We are carefully monitoring KM-53's movement to prevent safety-related accidents that may affect nearby residential areas and hikers," said Park So-Young, Director of the Biodiversity Division. "If encountering the Asian black bear, do not look away from its eyes and quickly move backward to get away from the area, and immediately report to the Southern Conservation Center of the Korea National Park Research Institute."

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