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45th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy Opens

▷ Over 2,000 green technologies, including water and air management, showcased at COEX from June 3 to 5

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) and the Korea 

Environmental Conservation Institute (Director Shin Jin-su) will hold the 45th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2024), the oldest and largest environmental exhibition in Korea, from June 3 to 5 at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, to promote domestic demand and establish an export base for outstanding green SMEs.

※ ENVEX 2024: ENVironmental EXhibition, started in 1979 and now in its 45th year, is the longest-running specialized exhibition related to environmental industry technology in Korea.

‘ENVEX 2024’ will consist of ancillary events aimed at supporting market development and growth, along with exhibitions of technologies related to the environmental industry. 

A total of 285 domestic and international companies, including 85 overseas showcase over 2,000 green technologies related to watecompanies from 17 countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and China, will sr and air management, carbon neutrality, and resource circulation. The event is expected to attract around 44,000 visitors, including overseas buyers. 

This year, the themed exhibition halls and international pavilions will showcase the latest environmental industry technologies, such as flood prevention in sewage systems and the production of recycled leather yarn. 

The expanded Carbon Neutrality Pavilion will feature technologies such as AI optical waste sorting robots, hydrogen refueling station control systems, and biogas utilization facilities.

The ancillary events will include corporate support programs such as domestic purchase consultations, export consultations, and investment and intellectual property consultations. In addition, various seminars and forums will be held to discuss policies and directions for the green industry, with themes like water management in the digital age and smart air quality management. 


Minister Han Wha-jin stated, “We hope this exhibition will serve as an opportunity to widely promote and disseminate the excellent technologies of our small and medium-sized environmental enterprises both domestically and internationally, contributing to the green transition.” She added, “We hope it will help achieve the goal of KRW 100 trillion in overseas orders and exports for the domestic green industry by 2027.”

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