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Connecting Innovative Companies in the Green Industry with Passionate Talents

▷ 2024 Startup and Venture Green Convergence Cluster to host ‘Job Festival’

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) and the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI, President Choi Heung Jin) will hold the ‘2024 Job Festival’ at the Green Convergence Cluster for Startups and Ventures in Seo-gu, Incheon on May 29.

This event, held annually since 2022, provides opportunities to recruit excellent talents for startups and venture companies in the Green Convergence Cluster and promising green industry jobs for job seekers. 

This year’s event, taking into account suggestions from participating companies last year, not only involves college students but also mid-career professionals and foreign students studying in Korea. The event schedule has also been moved up by about a month from the end of June to accommodate academic schedules. 


The theme of the event is “Seize the Future, Bloom the Flower of Tomorrow!” Prior to the event, introduction materials on 31 resident companies of the cluster are provided through the Green Cluster Job Portal ( Job seekers who apply after reviewing these materials will undergo interviews on-site for recruitment. Job seekers from seven affiliated universities including Inha University*, Korea Polytechnic College, specialized high schools, and participants from the Seoul 50 Plus Foundation will participate in on-site interviews at the companies’ recruitment booths. 

* Universities that have signed agreements with the Green Convergence Cluster (operated by KEITI) for Startups and Ventures (seven): Kangwon National University, Bucheon University, Yeungnam University, Incheon National University, Inha University, Jeonju University, Joongbu University

In addition to on-site interviews, event participants can obtain information about participating companies’ products at the resident company promotion booth. They can also participate in various job support programs such as resume writing and interview method consultations, personal characteristic assessments, virtual reality interview experiences, and lectures by representatives of resident companies. 

Those who failed to pre-register at website can still register on-site and participate in the event. 

KEITI plans to operate the relevant website continuously to provide good job information to job seekers who find it difficult to participate in on-site events or who are not recruited during the event.

Lee Chang-heum, Deputy Minister of the Climate Change and Carbon Neutral Policy Office, stated, “As this event continues for the third year, it is establishing itself as one of the representative job fairs in the green industry.” He added, “We will continue to develop the ‘Job Festival’ of the Startup and Venture Green Convergence Cluster, connecting passionate talents with innovative companies to support the growth of Korea’s green industry.”

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