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Responding Swiftly to Large-Scale Water Pollution Accidents… 11 Agencies Conduct Joint Spill Response Drill

▷ Training drill using advanced equipment for chemical and oil spill near Seungchon weir of the Yeongsan River

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) announced that on May 22, near the Seungchon weir of the Yeongsan River (located in Noan-myeon, Naju), a “Large-scale Joint Spill Response Drill” involving 11 organizations will be conducted to promptly respond to a large-scale water pollution accident.

This spill response drill will be conducted under the scenario of a disaster in which chemicals and oil are leaked from an industrial complex factory into the main stream of the Yeongsan River, causing fish to die. 


The drill will involve over 170 participants from 11 organizations, including the Ministry of Environment and its affiliated agencies (Yeongsanriver Environmental Management Office, Korea Environment Corporation, K-Water, Yeongsanriver Environment Research Center), as well as Gwangju Metropolitan City (Gwangsan-gu, Nam-gu), Korea Rural Community Corporation, Gwangsan Fire Station, and military units.

The participating organizations will comprehensively review the accident response system according to the “Large-scale Water Pollution Accident Crisis Management Manual,” including 1) monitoring for signs of crisis, 2) using the Public Safety Long Term Evolution (PS-LTE) disaster safety communication network for situation dissemination, 3) taking measures to control pollutants and collect dead fish, and 4) operating the incident command system.

In particular, this drill will utilize advanced equipment such as the water quality automatic monitoring network, aerial surveillance with drones, and water quality measurement with unmanned vessels to swiftly and accurately monitor and disseminate signs of crisis. The Ministry plans to share the response results and areas for improvement with relevant agencies, incorporate them into the “Large-scale Water Pollution Accident Crisis Management Manual,” and use them to enhance the on-site response system.

Kim Jong-ryul, Director General of Water Environment Policy Bureau, stated, “We will review the response system with relevant agencies through a joint spill response drill that simulates a real situation, and respond immediately in case of an actual accident.” He added, “We will do our utmost to create a safe and clean water environment free from water pollution accidents.”

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