Minister Message

Photos of Han, Jeoung Ae

Welcome to the Ministry of Environment website.

We are now at a critical juncture of history for our and future generations as well as for the natural envionment.

The international society has begun implementing new climate initiatives and the Republic of Korea stands shoulder to shoulder with the world by taking strong first steps toward a carbon neutral society.

The environment that we safeguard is the hope of all our people.

The Ministry of Environment will do our utmost to live up to the Korean peoples' expectations and to realize tangible outcomes.

The Ministry will set forth a clear vision for a carbon neutral future and establish a firm foundation for its advent.

We will provide inclusive environmental services for the benefit of all our peoples' welfare and safety.

We will take close note of all stakeholders, including our people, while undertaking this task.

We will preserve inherent values such as life, health and environment while also applying practical and flexible measures to overcome challenges.

The Ministry of Environment will examine all aspects from the peoples' perspective and be unreserved in all our efforts.

Thank you.

Minister of Environment
Han, Jeoung Ae