Vision & Mission


“Building a Sustainable Future with the People”

The vision of the Ministry of Environment is to “Build a Sustainable Future with the People”.
It is a slogan that shows the will of the ministry to become a key agent in pursuing the coexistence of the present and future generations based on the free participation and communication of the people, and to ensure an excellent quality of life for the people by protecting environmental rights, the fundamental and constitutional rights of everyone. Also, the ministry has four targets: 1 convert to a sustainable economy and society, 2 realize environmental justice, 3 protect lives and future values, and 4 promote participatory governance. The following are their detailed descriptions.

  • 1Convert the structures of the economy and society, including ways of production and consumption, by promoting the value of sustainable development.
  • 2Realize environmental justice from the perspective of caring for environmentally sensitive and socially marginalized people.
  • 3Protect the lives of the people through a comprehensive management of environmental hazards, such as fine dust and algal bloom.
  • 4Promote people-oriented environmental administration by expanding communication and participation.


Building a Sustainable Future with the People

Increase the possibility of sustainability

Conversion and reinforcement of policies

4 Targets / 8 Strategies
Convert to a sustainable economy and society
Spread the value of sustainable development over every area of society
Improve the quality of life through environment-friendly production and consumption
Protect lives and future values
Protect public health and create a pleasant environment
Protect future generations and ecosystems, and lead the conservation of the earth’s environment
Realize environmental justice
Realize a swift provision of environmental damage relief and a fair sharing of environmental responsibility
Care for environmentally sensitive and socially marginalized people first
Promote participatory governance
Cooperate with the people by removing barriers and expanding communication and participation
Expand a scientific basis for governance, and improve public trust by sharing information


The mission of the Ministry of Environment is to protect the national territory from threats of environmental pollution and improve the quality of life for the public so that the people can enjoy ambient natural environment, clean water and clear skies. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to the global efforts to protect our one and only Earth. In February, 2008, Korea Meteorological Administration became a subsidiary of the Ministry to facilitate countermeasures against climate change.

The tasks of the Ministry of Environment include enactment and amendment of environmental laws and regulations; introduction of environmental institutions; building up framework structure for environmental administration; drafting and implementation of mid-long term comprehensive measures for environmental conservation; setting up standards for regulations; providing administrative and financial support for environmental management to local governments; inter-Korean environmental cooperation; and environmental cooperation with other countries.