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Together with the People Towards the Future; Republic of Korea, a Green Nation: Commemorative Ceremony of World Environment Day 2024

▷ The 29th World Environment Day commemorative ceremony, to be held at Yongin Poeun Arthall (Yongin Sewerage Service Office), on June 5

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) announced that it will hold the ‘29th World Environment Day’ commemorative ceremony at Yongin Poeun Arthall (located in Suji-gu, Yongin) starting at 10 a.m. on June 5, and will operate the ‘3rd Environmental Education Week’ around the venue from June 5 to 11.

This year’s ‘World Environment Day’ theme is “Together with the People towards the Future; Republic of Korea, a Green Nation,” signifying the intention to create a green powerhouse where the environment and economy positively interact, together with the people. Yongin Poeun Arthall, where the commemorative ceremony will be held, is a comprehensive performance facility that coexists with an underground sewage treatment facility and above-ground cultural facilities, symbolically representing the environmental welfare and green powerhouse enjoyed by the people.

At the commemorative ceremony, 35 individuals* from various sectors of society, including businesses, schools, and civic groups, who have worked towards environmental conservation, will receive government awards. Notably, Lee Yong-hak, an environmental officer from Cheongju who has been performing waste collection duties for 31 years, will receive the Presidential Commendation. These awards are to express gratitude for the silent dedication of these individuals throughout our society.

* Government Awards (35 recipients): Orders of Merit (3), Medals (5), Presidential Commendations (13), Prime Minister’s Commendations (14)

In addition, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Ministry of Environment’s establishment (upgraded from the Environmental Administration to the Ministry of Environment on December 23, 1994), the Ministry will present its history and achievements over the past 30 years through photos and video materials.

The Ministry of Environment’s 2030 Advisory Group* provided ideas on the theme and content of this year’s World Environment Day event from the planning stage. This group will also actively participate on the day of the ceremony by operating a promotional booth to gather public opinions on environmental policies.

* A special advisory organization within the Ministry with 20 members from various walks of life, including college students, office workers, and entrepreneurs, headed by a professional fixed-term public officer hired to reflect the needs of the younger generation (19 to 38 years old) in the Ministry’s policies for one year 

Meanwhile, the Ministry, in collaboration with Yongin City, an environmental education city, and with participation from the Korean Society for Environmental Education and businesses, will operate the 3rd Environmental Education Week. This year’s Environmental Education Week will feature a variety of events blending culture and the environment under the theme “Cultivating Green Habits in My Daily Life,” including talk concerts, environmental exhibitions, and concerts. 

Minister Han Wha-jin remarked, “The Ministry is fully committed to realizing the vision of a green powerhouse where the environment and economy thrive in harmony.” She continued, “During Environmental Education Week, we aim to underscore the significance of the environment and foster opportunities for adopting carbon-neutral lifestyles.”

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