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Protecting Home and Earth through Purchases... Operation of 2024 Green Consumption Week

▷ Operating from June 1 to 30 in Honor of Environment Day (June 5)

▷ Up to 30% discount on green product purchases including environmental labels and low-carbon certification

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Han Wha-jin) will operate the ‘2024 Green Consumption Week’ from June 1 to 30 to mark Environment Day (June 5).

Green Consumption Week is an event held annually since 2022 with the aim of establishing a virtuous cycle in the green industry through the promotion of green consumption and production, and facilitating the transition to a carbon-neutral society.

This year, under the theme “Green Consumption to Protect Home and Earth,” 97 companies and organizations will participate, including 73 distributors, 7 green product manufacturers, 4 card companies, 4 banks, and 9 Green Purchasing Support Centers nationwide.

During Green Consumption Week, participating companies will host a variety of promotional events, including discounts on green products and card point accumulation benefits, over their own planned periods (1 to 4 weeks).

During Green Consumption Week, purchasing green products will entitle customers to benefits such as up to 30% discounts at online green product-exclusive stores (Homeplus, Interpark, Korea Post Shopping, Hyundai Ezwel), and 1+1 offers at participating offline distributors.


Moreover, Green Card benefits will also be enhanced. When purchasing and paying for designated products* at distributors affiliated with Green Card, customers can earn up to 10,000 additional Eco Money points, and points for public transportation usage will be doubled.

* Environmental label, low-carbon products, Environmental Product Declaration, eco-friendly agricultural products (organic, pesticide-free), low-carbon agricultural products, organic processed foods

In addition, at zero-waste stores, customers will earn 5,000 Eco Money points for purchases and payments totaling over 10,000 won.

On the afternoon of June 4, Lee Chang-heum, Deputy Minister of the Climate Change and Carbon Neutral Policy Office at the Ministry of Environment, will share green product utilization tips for households and the planet, along with the winners of the Green Consumption Household Tips Contest*, at the green store Homeplus Gangseo Branch.

* Contest Theme: Personal household tips for energy and resource conservation using green products, and minimizing pollution

Detailed information about Green Consumption Week events can be found on the website of the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) at

Lee Chang-heum, Deputy Minister of the Climate Change and Carbon Neutral Policy Office at the Ministry of Environment, expressed his hope that this event will provide an opportunity to experience that green consumption is the easiest and most valuable way to benefit oneself, family, and the planet. He stated, “We will continue to make efforts to ensure that green products, which are at the core of green consumption, are more widely spread in the lives of the people.”

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