The goal of environmental ICT consists of creating operational environment based on advanced ICT for realizing the national vision of low-carbon green growth and the Ministry's vision of beautiful environment as well as healthy future. To this end, inventory creation and system advancement for each environmental medium was pushed for to strengthen the function of supporting decision-making related to environmental policy and access to and use of environmental information was upgraded by encouraging the creation of a system that considered user convenience, while maximized effect of budget appropriation was eyed by preventing overlapping investments through encouraging functional integration, openness, sharing and collaboration between similar systems.

With regard to Personal Information Protection Act that went into force on May 19, 2012, establishment of an information protection policy is being implemented against malicious hacking and personal information leakage, which are dysfunctional in the Age of Information adverse effects of the information society. And to make sure that efficient environmental ICT in accordance with Electronic Government Act plays a crucial role as an axis of national ICT, The Ministry of Environment's tasks are faithfully carried out by establishing the Ministry of Environment's annual National ICT Implementation Plan that reflects specific details of practice in accordance with the government's basic and implementation plan on national ICT.

Environmental policy is shifting its focus from media onto recipient, so the advancement of environmental administrative information service will be implemented in the way of supporting environmental ICT. First of all, greenhouse gas emission will continue to be reduced through the advancement of the National Greenhouse Gas Comprehensive Management System, and the existing Water Environment Policy System and Waterworks and Sewerage ICT System will be refashioned to meet the public needs in order to ensure safe management of water, which people drink, while a stable water management system will be created in preparation for potential water shortage by pushing for Livestock Excreta Electronic Transfer System and System for Linking Water Purification Plant with Drinking Water Flow Rate. In addition, the existing Waste Management System that fuses together Korea's advanced ICT and environmental policy through sophisticated RFID system, which was adopted for the first time and successfully implemented by the Korean government, will be exported to developing countries, while Food Wastes Management System designed to reduce the amount of food wastes produced due to the Korean food culture shall successfully take root.

The recent ICT trend is going through a sharp paradigm shift. The key-words are :  mobility, intelligence, and knowledge service. As we have entered the era of two-way communication represented by smart devices, environmental ICT must also move towards supporting environmental issues based on social governance. Therefore, efforts must be put to minimize the dysfunctions of ICT, and environmental ICT may serve as a basis for the realization of environmental policy designed to improve the quality of people's lives. 

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