With a view to going beyond simple disposal of generated wastes and creating a resource-recycling society in which all waste resources are recirculated, the Ministry of Environment actively contributes to green growth including the achievement of targeted supply of new & renewable energy by implementing recycled products certification program, expansion of waste resources and biomass, national R&D projects and various recirculation industry support policies.
 In 2012, the first Master Plan on Resource Recycling (2011-2015) was established to encapsulate a long-term vision for a national resource recycling policy and its goal to be accomplished by 2015. Based on the quantitative growth in the world-class recirculation rate, Korea plans to realize a sustainable zero-waste society by shifting towards "upcycling" that upgrades the value of waste resources by reusing high value-added substances, and by performing energy retrieval and advanced treatment, and steadily monitoring the implementation of the National Resource Recycling Index.


Last modified : 2013-10-04 20:09

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