Fine dust concentration in the Seoul metropolitan area in early 2000s was very high, approximately 2~3.9 times higher than the other major cities in developed countries, and 1.3~1.4 times higher in other regions (non-capital regions) as well. Due to this kind of pollution problems in the capital area, the social costs reached to KRW 1 billion, which hindered the national development and also, it was presumed that it will lead early death of 11,127 people annually, which is 3 times more than the death by traffic accident.
In order to protect the citizen’s health from such a serious air pollution and to improve the national development by reducing the social costs through this, the government established and promoted the basic plan for the capital area air quality management. The goal of this plan is to improve the fine dust pollution to the level of the developed countries. In this case, sea in front of Incheon City can be seen from the top of the Mt. Nam on a clear day. In the meantime, Fine dust concentration is being improved every year by the continuous promotion of the government policy such as installation of emission reduction device on diesel engine vehicles and low pollution vehicle supply project (393,837 vehicles), total air pollution load management system at business places (304 places), low NOx burner installation project (2,931 vehicles). Fine dust concentration in the capital area was reduced from 56 ㎍/㎥ in 2008 to 51 ㎍/㎥ in 2011, which is approximately 9% reduction and the number of satisfied days for environmental requirement was increased from 175 days in 2008 to 205 days in 2011, which is approximately 37% improvement. 

The average fine dust concentration of Seoul in 2011 was 44㎍/㎥ which was the lowest value since the fine dust concentration was measured.
Fine dust concentration of Seoul in 2010 was 47㎍/㎥, which satisfied 50㎍/㎥ of the air quality standard for 2 consecutive years. For the case of Incheon and Gyeonggi, they were 51㎍/㎥ and 53㎍/㎥, respectively, which also recorded the lowest value ever. The visibility is getting improved for all area of Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi province.
Seoul PM10 Compared to the Improvement Target except yellow dust days


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