SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp.


SLC is a 20 million square meter size world's largest sanitary landfill, which is located 40 minutes from Seoul. The landfill has processed 18,000 tons of waste daily from the Seoul metropolitan area with a population of 22 million people since 1992. Using landfill gas, 50MW power plant generates 30 million USDs worth of electricity. Furthermore, this landfill will become a 'Metropolitan Eco & Energy Town,' an integrated energy town, by 2020. It transforms waste into energy by utilizing combustibles, sludge and biogas. In Eco & Energy Town, 2.61 million giga calories of energy will be produced annually. This landfill will be turned into the world's best ecological tourist attraction. At the '2014 Incheon Asian Games', golf, swimming and horse riding events will be held on this landfill site. When 'Gyungin Ara Waterway' is completed in 2011, people from all over the world can easily visit this eco tourism site.


November 2007
Self-development building open & operate.
October 2007
1 Co to 1 town set up sisterhood relationship. (Kang-wha gun Sudo myun achadori town)
December 2006
SLC 50MW landfill-gas power plant dedicated into operation.
July 2006
Invention patent for waste landfill site which possess rain water drainage & landfill formation method obtained.
2005 December
「Law on the establishment and operation of SLC」revision & promulgate.
2005 October
Symposium of eco-friendly environmental town development held.
December 2004
The 1st site stabilization work be completed.
October 2004
SLC & LSA concluded MOU.
December 2003
Corporate symbol mark (logo) service registration obtained. (registration date: 11.21. 03)
October 2003
Dream Park music concert held.
December 2002
Integrated computerization system project (Ph.1) completed.
September 2002
Automatic stench measurement system project completed.
January 2002
Outer fence of the Sudokwon landfill site completed. (total 32Km long)
December 2001
Anamdo Cistern creation project started.
November 2001
6.5MW land fill gas power plant dedicated into operation.
March 2001
Time for waste inflow changed. (day & night → day only)
February 1990
Initial intake of wastes.
November 1990
Sudokwon Landfill Site Operation Cooperatives established. (3 cities and province).

Organization and Telephone Numbers

  • Office of Inspector General - TEL +82-32-560-9348~9351
  • Green Strategy Division - TEL +82-32-560-9490~9494
  • Planning & Budget - TEL +82-32-560-9355~9361
  • Administration Management - TEL +82-32-560-9370~9384
  • External Cooperation & PR - TEL +82-32-560-9405~9419
  • Water Treatment - TEL +82-32-560-9420~9432
  • Infrastructure O&M - TEL +82-32-560-9440~9452
  • Incoming Waste - TEL +82-32-560-9470~9482
  • Landfill O&M - TEL +82-32-560-9500~9526
  • Energy Development - TEL +82-32-560-9540~9550
  • Resource Recovery - TEL +82-32-560-9560~9567
  • Park Development - TEL +82-32-560-9580~9590
  • Environment Tech, Support - TEL +82-32-560-9600~9608
  • Green Tech, Research Center - TEL +82-32-560-9620~9625


Way to take the Olympic Road

If you use Olympic Road SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp.

Way to take the Outer Beltway

If you use Outer Beltway SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp.

  • Zipcode : 404-706
  • Address : 58 Baeksok-dong, Seo-Ku, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • Tel : +82-2-560-9300
  • E-mail :

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