Korea National Park Service was established in 1987 to preserve parks resources by conducting research on them and to manage parks by carrying out diverse activities including installation and maintenance of facilities, and direction of visiting parks. The KNPS manages 19 national parks among 20 nationwide and Hallasan National Park in Jeju Island is managed by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.

Preservation of Parks Resources

  • Preservation of affluent biodiversity and stable ecosystem
  • Promotion of value of beautiful scenery and precious cultural heritage

Preservation of Parks' Environment

  • Application of legal and institutional systems to the interested parties

Sustainable utilization

  • Development of diverse visiting program and advanced services

Participation and Cooperation

  • Forming positive opinion on management of parks and raising international awareness


  • National Park History in Korea
  • The Natural Park Act enacted
  • Jirisan(Mt.) designated as 1st Korean Nat'l Park
July 1987
The Korean Nat'l Parks Service established (as part of the Ministry of Construction)
April 1991
KNPS made as part of the Ministry of the Interior
February 1998
KNPS made as part of the Ministry of the Environment
December 2005
Seolaksan(Mt.) given IUCN Category II status.
May 2007
Jirisan(Mt.), Wolaksan(Mt.), Odaesan(Mt.) and Sobaeksan(Mt.)given IUCN Category II status.
March 2009
September 2009
IUCN WCPA CBD POWPA "Futures Workshop" / International Symposium on Migratory Birds

Organization and Telephone Numbers


  • Planning & Coordination Department - TEL +82-2-3279-2732
  • Administrative Support Team - TEL +82-2-3279-2772
  • Public Relations Team - TEL +82-2-3279-2842
  • Performance Management Office - TEL +82-2-3279-2754


  • Park Conservation Department - TEL +82-2-3279-2872
  • Park Management Department - TEL +82-2-3279-2801
  • Foreign Cooperation Office - TEL +82-2-3279-2801

Visit Service

  • Visitor Management Department - TEL +82-2-3279-2822
  • Facility Management Department - TEL +82-2-3279-2912


Map of Korea National Park Service
  • Location : 400m ahead from the exit no. 4 of Gongdeok st.(line no. 5 and 6)
  • Zipcode : 121-717
  • Address : Taeyoung B/D 252-5 Gongdeok-dong Mapo Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Tel : +82-2-3279-2807
  • Fax : +82-2-3279-2804
  • e-mail : francis@knps.or.kr

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