ENVICO was founded with the goal of contribution to building sustainable recycling management system. To that end, it efficiently carries out activities to reduce the amount of wastes generated, and businesses for recycling and proper treatment.

ENVICO is comprehensive waste management organization in Korea which operates polices and businesses to control waste generated from design and production to distribution, consumption, and disposal of products; promote resource recycling and minimize the amount of waste.

History of the Organization

September 1980
KOREACO is established
December 1980
Collection of waste plastics is transferred to KOREACO by the Ministry of Home Affairs
September 1986
KOREACO is commissioned by the government to collect empty pesticide bottles
October 1988
construction of the Cheonju Waste Film Treatment Factory is completed
July 1991
KOREACO expands the collection of recyclable waste with the introduction of the Waste separation and Collection System
November 1991
Construction of Andong Waste Film Treatment Factory is completed
September 1993
Construction of Damyang Waste Film Treatment Factory is completed
April 1994
The Korea Resources Recovery and Reutilization Corporation Act is put into effect
December 1995
Construction of Shilhwa Waste Film Treatment Factory is completed
March 2000
Construction of storage depots in 3 locations is completed
June 2002
The headquarters of KOREACO moves onto the General Environmental Research Complex
August 2002
KOREACO operates the Legal Waste Disposal Management System
November 2002
Construction of intermediate treatment facilities for waste film recycling in 3 locations is completed
January 2003
KOREACO operates the Extended Producers Responsibility system
December 2003
ENVICO's revised law is announced
July 2004
The corporation name(KOREACO) is changed into ENVICO
November 2004
Construction of the Jeongup Waste Film Treatment Factory is completed
January 2006
China Branch is launched in Beijing
February 2006
Vietnam Branch is launched in Hanoi


Organization Chart


Korea Environment & Resources Corporation Office Map
  • 404-170, General Environmental Research Complex, Gyeongseo-Dong, Seo-Gu, Incheon, Korea
  • TEL 82-32-560-1426
  • FAX 82-32-563-1070
  • e-mail : Center@envico.or.kr

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