The National Institute of Environmental Research


NIER is a government-run research institute specialized in environmental issues, thereby supporting the implementation of national environment policies. NIER is the leading environmental research institute in Korea: with approximately 300 experts in air and water environment, ecology and resource recirculation, and more than 100 ongoing research projects.

NIER’s support of national environmental policy is based on field research. Specifically, we seek out causes of and appropriate responses to environmental diseases; research climate change adaptation; and ensure an adequate supply of clean water. NIER is also at the forefront of solving environmental issues in Northeast Asia by participating in long-range Transboundary Air Pollutants research, China’s Western Area Protection Project and environmental projects of UNEP and OECD.


March 2007
Reorganized and expanded to 6 departments, 24 divisions and 6 Centers
(Environmental Health and Safety Department was renamed Environmental Health Research Department, and Chemicals Assessment Department was created newly)
February 2006
Reorganized to 5 departments, 22 divisions and 6 centers
(Environmental Training Department was spun off to be National Institute of Environmental Human Resources Development)
July 2005
Reorganization based on research function (6 departments, 23 divisions and 6 centers)
August 2002
Expanded to 6 departments, 24 divisions, and 5 laboratories (Biodiversity Research Department)
July 2000
Moved to Environmental Research Complex at lncheon
January 1999
Reorganized to 5 departments, 20 divisions and 5 laboratories (Environment Education Department)
November 1997
Reorganized to 4 departments, 18 divisions and 5 laboratories
(Environment Health Department was renamed Environmental Risk Assessment Department)
May 1994
Established Research Centers for Han River, Nakdong River, Guem River and Yeongsan River (3 departments 19 divisions 5 laboratories)
December 1988
Reorganized and expanded to 3 departments, 16 divisions and 1 laboratories
October 1986
Reorganized to be the National Institute of Environmental Research (3 departments 2 divisions 14 officers)
January 1980
NEPI was incorporated in the newly established Environment Administration
July 1978
Established as the National Environmental Protection Institute(NEPI) under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Seoul(1 division 5 officers)


The National Institute of Environmental Research


The National Institute of Environmental Research Office Map

Address & Contact Number

  • Environmental Research Complex, Kyungseo-Dong, Seo-Gu, Incheon, Korea (Zipcode 404-708)
  • TEL : +82-32-560-7114
  • FAX : +82-32-568-2031
  • e-mail :

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