Formulated in October 2010, the “National Climate Change Adaptation Plan” was revised and supplemented in December 2012 by applying climate change scenarios. At the end of 2013, detailed implementation plans reflecting the changed provisions were jointly formulated by associated ministries. A total of 65 tasks were planned across nine sectors for the period from 2013 to 2015 based on performance from 2011 to 2012.

Climate Change Adaptation Performance (2011-2012) and Plans (2013-2015) by Sector 

An evaluation method and a feedback system were established in January 2014 to evaluate the implementation performance of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan. Effective fulfillment of climate change adaptation measures requires effective fulfillment of specific measures implemented by each government ministry and greater accountability, and this highlighted the need for an organized evaluation and feedback system that assesses implementation performance and accordingly addresses any issues and makes improvements to future plans. Although the Framework Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth had been providing the legal grounds requiring the Ministry of Environment, as the authority in charge of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan, to review the performance of the adaptation plan of each government ministry, a specific and systematic method and procedure was now established.

The method involves evaluating the entire process, from formulation of the adaptation plan, implementation, performance achievement, and feedback efforts, and particularly focuses on faithful implementation and progress. Based on self-evaluations by each government ministry, a comprehensive evaluation by professional agencies and an independent evaluation committee ensure reliability of the evaluation. Final results are publicly disclosed and communicated to government ministries in order to encourage them to actively apply the improvement measures identified in the evaluation results when formulating future plans.

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