Yeongsan River Basin Environmental Office has been in charge of environmental policies of Gwangju Metropolitan City, South Jeolla Province, Namhae and Hadong guns of South gyeongsang Province in the Southwest Region of the Korean peninsula, and is taking the leading role to promote low carbon green growth in Korea. It has implemented the 'Basic Plan for Water Source Management' in order to manage water in an ecologically-friendly way and protect water sources from hazardous pollutants. In particular, the office has been striving to preserve water quality of Yeongsan and Seomjin River Watersheds, and to protect water resources in Gwangju and South Jeolla Province including Lake Juam, through a variety of measures such as total pollution load management system, designation and management of riparian buffer zones, creation of green space and community support programs.

Yeongsan River Basin Environmental Office has been making efforts to develop economic growth in harmony with the natural environment by strengthening the supervision and screening on pollutant emission facilities, taking precautionary measures to prevent environmental damage, and implementing environmental impact assessment system. In addition, in an effort to protect regions with high economical values in the region such as wetland and ecological protection area, voluntary monitoring and ecological experience programs are in operation, in along with ecology restoration programs through annual monitoring on the natural ecology.


July 1980
Establishment of Gwangju Environmental Assessment and Management Office
October 1988
Renamed to Gwangju Environmental Office and Establishment of Jeju Environmental Branch Office
January 1990
Title change to Gwangju Regional Management Office and Expansion of Jeonju Environmental Branch Office.
May 1994
Title change to Yeongsan River Environmental Management Office and Establishment of Suncheon Environmental Branch Office.
February 1997
Renamed Suncheon Environmental Branch Office to Yeocheon Environmental Branch Office.
February 1998
Launching Yeongsan River Environmental Monitoring Corps.
August 2002
Renamed to Yeongsan River Watershed Environmental Office
February 2009
Organizational Reshuffle of Yeongsan River Watershed Environmental Office (Total Staff: 113, 2 Bureaus, 11 Divisions, 1 Corps)

Areas Covered

Yeongsan River Basin Environment Office covers Gwanju City, South Jeolla Province, North Jeolla Province, Jeju Island and South Gyeongsang Province.

Si Do Areas Covered Area(㎢)
Gwangju 5gus Dong-gu, Seo-gu, Nam-gu, Buk-gu,Gwangsan-gu 501
Jeonnam 5cities, 17guns Mokpo-si, Yeosu-si, Suncheon-si, Naju-si, Gwangyang-si, Damyang-gun, Gokseong-gun, Gurye-gun, Goheung-gun, Boseong-gun, Hwasun-gun, Jangheung-gun, Jangseong-gun, Hampyeong-gun, Muan-gun, Yeongam-gun, Haenam-gun, Yeonggwang-gun, Gangjin-gun, Sinan-gun, Jindo-gun, Wando-gun 12,095
Jeonbuk 6cities 8guns Jeonju-si, Gunsan-si, Iksan-si, Namwon-si, Jeongeup-si, Gimje-si, Buan-gun, Wanju-gun, Gochang-gun, Muju-gun, Jinan-gun, Jangsu-gun, Imsil-gun, Sunchang-gun 8,051
Jeju 2cities Jeju-si, Seogwipo-si 1,848
Kyongnam 2 guns Namhae-gun, Hadong-gun (Partially) 1,033

Organizations and Telephone Number

  • General Affairs Division - TEL +82-62-605-5110
  • Environmental Management Division - TEL +82-62-605-5160~5
  • Natural Environment Division - TEL +82-62-605-5230~8
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Division - TEL +82-62-605-5150~7
  • Chemicals Management Division - TEL +82-62-605-5240
  • Monitoring and Analysis Division - TEL +82-62-605-5180
  • Watered Planning Division - TEL +82-62-605-5270
  • Finance and Planning Division - TEL +82-62-605-5250
  • Water Source Management Division - TEL +82-62-605-5140
  • Total Maximum Daily Load Management Division - TEL +82-62-605-5293
  • Regional Cooperation Division - TEL +82-62-605-5260
  • Environmental Inspection and Investigation Team - TEL +82-62-974-2103


  • Yeongsan River Watershed Management Office Map

By Public Transportation

  • KT&G Building: Bus No. 30, 57, 84, 95, 193
  • HAITAI Confectionary & Food (Toward OB Beer) : Bus No. 30, 57, 193

Address & Telephone

  • Zip Code)500-727 19 Bonchon Industrial Complex Road 7, Bukgu, Gwangju Metropolitan city
  • Tel.+82-62-605-5114
  • e-mail.ljd111@me.go.kr

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