The Free Collection Service for Large-scale Household Appliances Waste is a system in which a person can reserve to dispose of a bulky home appliance such as a TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc., using the Internet or via a call center, and then a task force team visits the household to collect the item free of charge.

In the previous system, residents were required to purchase a discharge sticker (between 3,000 won and 15,000 won) from the municipal government, attach the stick to the waste home appliance and put it outside their house to be collected. Moreover, as the collected items failed to be delivered to recycling centers, and some core parts containing rare metals were illegally collected to be sold or exported, such problems caused severe environmental pollution and resource outflows. A survey showed that less than 5% of the collected waste home appliances were transferred to recycling centers in their original state with the previous system.

Under such circumstances, the Ministry of Environment initiated a free pick-up service for waste home appliances in Seoul as a pilot project in June 2012, and five metropolitan cities and Gyeonggi Province participated in the program in May 2013. A total of 162,000 units of waste home appliances were collected through the program in 2013. Compared to the collection performance results in 2012 under the previous system, collections in 2013 increased significantly, 1.5 to 6 times by each local government. If the program succeeds, it is expected to greatly contribute to achieving the national recycling target for electrical and electronic products. In addition, as the recovery rate of appliances in their original forms improved remarkably, from below 5% to over 95%, the program is expected to contribute to the circulation of rare metals. The ministry plans to gradually expand the free pick-up service for waste electrical and electronic products nationwide starting in 2014.

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