The Waste Electrical & Electronic Product Recycling Target Management System is intended to require manufacturers to meet certain recycling amounts by setting a per capita recycling target rate. As it has become difficult to set clear classification standards for each item in the electrical and electronic product markets and to make remarkable improvements in recycling through the current item-based recycling measure, this system was introduced in January 2014.

The recycling target is a concept similar to the mandatory amount of recycling imposed on manufacturers in the existing EPR system, but it was changed from a method to set a mandatory recycling rate by item to a method to set a per capita target rate (kg/person) by product group. Under the EPR system, the mandatory recycling rates of individual manufacturers are calculated by applying market share rates to mandatory recycling rates by item, while under the Recycling Target Management System, the per capita recycling target rate is converted to the total amount in consideration of the population number, and the mandatory recycling target rate is set according to the market share of each manufacturer.

The Per Capita Waste Electrical & Electronic Product Recycling Target Rate announced in January 2014 was set at 3.9kg/capita in 2014 and 6.0kg/capita in 2018. Meanwhile, the number of target items increased from the existing 10 to 27, and these items are classified into five groups: large-scale equipment, telecommunication devices, medium-size equipment, small-size equipment and cellular phones. The government plans to establish a small- and medium-sized home appliance collection system in consideration of the discharging characteristics, weights and collection conditions of small- and medium-sized home appliances.

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