Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office manages the midstream and downstream areas of Nakdong River in Busan, Ulsan and South Gyeongsang(except Namhae and Hadong) region. On July 1, 1980, the office was renamed to Busan Environmental Assessment and Management Office and was reorganized and expanded to Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office in August 2002, in an effort to strengthen the monitoring function for watershed environmental management. In February 2006, three divisions were newly established to intensify the monitoring functions on chemicals, environmental impact assessment. Currently, the organization includes 2 Bureaus, 11 Divisions, 1 Patrol Squad.

With the establishment of the basic plan of water environmental management of Nakdong river areas following the comprehensive measures on water quality management of Nakdong river as well as the introduction advanced watershed management system, the water quality of the Nakdong river has gradually improved as shown in the case of water quality Mulgeum area at 2 grade even if the area is located in the downstream of the river.

In addition, the office has been developing environmental policies that fit to the regional characteristics, in order to actively pursue the government's low carbon and green growth policy, striving to create a pleasant local environment and healthy living conditions through launching campaign to integrate low carbon living into people's daily lives and intensifying public awareness.


July 1980
Establishment of Busan Environmental Assessment Management Office
May 1983
(Total Staff: Increased from 5 to 33)
December 1986
Reorganization as Busan Branch Office of environmental Management (Staff: 67)
January 1990
Title change to Busan Regional Environmental Management Office and Establishment of Ulsan Environmental Branch Office
July 1991
Movement of the government office to Sinwol-dong Changwon-si from Busan, and Establishment of Busan Environmental Branch Office.
July 1992
Integration of Ulsan and Busan Environmental Branch Offices to Dongbu Branch of Busan Environmental Office.
October 1995
Establishment of Ulsan Environmental Branch Office.
November 1997
Abolishment of Changwon Environmental Branch Office.
April 2001
Movement of Nakdong river Watershed Management Office (Busan → Changwon) and Establishment of Busan Environmental Branch Office.
April 2002
Launching Nakdong River Watershed Management Committee.
August 2002
Establishment of Nakdong River Basin Environmental Watershed Management Office, Staff Increase: 115 to 128. (2 Bureaus, 8 Divisions, 1 Patrol Squad, and 2 Branch Offices)
March 2004
Total Staff: 128 to 130
March 2005
Movement of Ulsan Environmental Branch Office (230-5 Seobu-ri, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan)
February 2006
Total Staff: 130 to 146 (2 Bureaus, 11 Divisions, 1 Patrol Squad, and 2 Branch Offices)
March 2007
Total Staff: 146 to 147
February 2009
Abolishment of Busan and Ulsan Environmental Branch Offices.
Total Staff : 147 to 139

Areas Covered

  • Areas covered by Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office are Gangwon-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Daegu, Ulsan, Jeollabuk-do, Jeollanam-do, Gyengsangnam-do and Busan.
  • division Areas Covered
    Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office 2 Metropolitan Cities, 1 Province ⇒ 39 Local municipalities (11,302㎢)
    Busan Metropolitan City 15 gus 1 guns
    Ulsan Metropolitan City 4 gus, 1-guns
    South Gyeongsang Province (Except Namhae, Hadong) 10 cities, 8-guns
    ※Environmental Patrol Squad: Included the districts under the Daegu Regional Management Office's jurisdiction (Daegu Metropolitan City, North Gyeongsang Province, Taebaek city in Gangwon Province (32,280㎢).
    Nakdong River Watershed Management Committee 3 -metropolitan cities, 5-provinces ⇒ 54 city, gun, gu areas (23,817㎢)
    Busan Metropolitan City 5 gus
    Ulsan Metropolitan City 1 gun
    Daegu Metropolitan City 7 gus 1 gun
    South Gyeongsang Province 7 cities 9 guns
    North Gyeongsang Province 10 cities 11guns
    Gangwon Province 1 city
    South Jeolla Province 1 city
    North Jeolla Province 1 city

Organizations and Telephone Number

  • General Affairs Division - TEL +82-55-211-1613
  • Environmental Management Division - TEL +82-55-211-1638
  • Natural Environment Division - TEL +82-55-211-1650
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Division - TEL +82-55-211-1662
  • Chemicals Management Division -TEL +82-55-211-1682
  • Monitoring and Analysis Division - TEL +82-55-211-1693
  • Watered Planning Division - TEL +82-55-211-1710
  • Finance and Planning Division - TEL +82-55-211-1723
  • Water Source Management Division - TEL +82-55-211-1735
  • Total Maximum Daily Load Management Division - TEL +82-55-211-1751
  • Regional Cooperation Division - TEL +82-55-211-1767
  • Environmental Inspection and Investigation Team - TEL +82-55-211-1605


  • Nakdong River Watershed Management Office Map

By Car

  • Namhae Expressway(Toward Mt. Bukbu) → Kimhae → Naejeong I.C toward Changwon, Jangyu → Changwon tunnel → Changwon Boulevard → Provincial Office
  • Namhae Expressway(Toward Mt. Seobu) → Garak→ Jangyu IㆍC Toward Changwon → Changwon tunnel → Changwon Boulevard → Provincial Office
  • Namhae Expressway(Seobu Gyeongnam) → East Masan IㆍC Turn Right toward → Changwon Boulevard → Provincial Office
  • ※ Parking Facilities: Nakdong River Basin Environmental Office Parking Lot

By Public Transportation

  • Take No. 704, 707, 752, 100, 101, 110, 111, 114, 116, 122, 210, 211, 214, 150, 502, 505, 507, 58, 59, 97, 98 Buses in Changwon, Masan areas and Take off at the South Gyeongsang Provincial Office.

Address and Telephone

  • Zip Code)641-722 150 Jungang-ro, Changwon city (104-3 Sinwol-dong)
  • Tel: +82-55-211-1613~20
  • Fax : +82-55-211-1629

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