The waste policy of the Ministry of Environment of Korea, based on the principle of resource circulation, is aimed at minimizing untreated wastes in landfill and maximizing recycling by refraining from the single use and disposal of energy and resources to create a resource circulation society in which natural resources and energy are recirculated within the economic activity areas for as long as possible.

Under this policy, the first fundamental plan of resource circulation (2011-2015) was established in 2011 with the goal of realizing a zero-waste society by going beyond the quantitative level of resource circulation and shifting towards “upcycling” that upgrades the value of waste resources.

In addition, the ministry announced measures to promote the transition to a resource circulation society in September 2013, which include free pickup services for large-scale waste home appliances, securement of the collection, transportation and classification of recycling resources, expansion of waste to energy facilities, creation of a recycling market, etc. To that end, it plans to establish the “Act on Promotion of Transition toward a Resource Circulation Society.”

Paradigm Shift of Waste Management Policy

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