- The Korean Ministry Of Environment (MOE) has released the air quality level of 16 areas nearby the World Cup Stadium on a real-time basis since April 2002.
- The increasing public interest in air pollution and a clean and safe environment has led to raising the need for air quality information across the country.
- The general public has gained access to the urban air pollution data on the website since Dec. 2005.

Data Release

- The data on the outdoor air quality nationwide has been released since Dec. 28, 2005.

Status of System Operation

- Method: the website ( launched to provide air pollution information.
- Pollutants: PM-10 , O₃, CO , SO₂, NO₂

- Contents

  • Overall grasp of the real-time air quality data across the country.
  • Display of the air quality level in various ways such as satellite images, environmental clocks, and calendars.

Real-Time Air Quality GO! ⓒAir Korea

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