As of the end of 2012, 98.1% of people equivalent to 50,905,000 persons were serviced by the waterworks systems. If the proportion serviced by village waterworks and small-scale water supply systems is excluded, the water supply rate is lowered to 95.1%.

The daily water supply is 332L per capita as of 2012. The water supply per capita decreased for 15 years from 400L in 1995 and it is stabilized now. The trend he would result from (1) the decrease in water use by the installation of water-saving devices and water-saving campaigns and (2) the reduction of non-revenue water by replacing old water pipes.

Waterworks Statistics Trends 

The water supply status differs by regions. The water supply rate exceeds 99% at urban areas including special and metropolitan cities and ‘si’ districts. But the rate in ‘eup’ and ‘myeon’ district of rural areas is 95% and 87.8%, respectively. It highlights the need to improve water supply system in agricultural and fishing villages.

Waterworks Statistics by Regions 

The water rate is 649.1 KRW/m3 in national average as of 2012, and the price is equivalent to 79.7% of the total production cost.

Water Price and Cost Recovery 

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