Water Pollution Load Management

The Total Water Pollution Load Management System (TPLMS) calculates and manages the allowable pollutant’s load which can meet the water quality target. The target and allowable load for each river watershed are determined based on scientific evidence. The total allowable load is allocated to each local government within the watershed and the discharged load is strictly managed under the permissible level.

TPLMS was first introduced in 1998 to manage Paldang Lake and other water supply sources at Han River, and it was legislated through the Act on Water Management and Resident Support in the Four Major River Basins. TPLMS is required for the river reach which does not meet the water quality target at three major river basins Nakdong River, Geum River, and Yeongsan-Seomjin River. Accordingly, TPLMS was implemented in Busan and Daegu Metropolitan City at the Nakdong River basin in August 2004. At the Han River basin, TPLMS was voluntarily implemented by the local government and seven local governments at the headwaters of Paldang Lake participated by 2012. An amendment in 2010 mandated TPLMS in the Han River basin. TPLMS has been implemented in Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi since June 2013 and will be progressively extended to other regions in Han River basin. TPLMS is also being extended to the severely polluted river reaches outside of the four major river basins and Jinwicheon (stream) became subject to the system in 2012. As of March 2014, TPLMS has been implemented at a total of 114 local governments at the four major rivers and Jinwicheon watersheds. At the beginning BOD was the only parameter of TPLMS, but T-P was added from stage 2 (2011-2015)(except in some regions).

Local governments under TPLMS must prepare “TPLMS Master Plan” that includes the allocated pollution load and its management plan. To guarantee the implementation of TPLMS, the progress result is evaluated annually. According to the results for stage 1 (2004-2010) of TPLMS at 66 local governments, the water quality target and annual allocated load specified in the TPLMS plan were observed. Even though the implementation was in early stage TPLMS seems to be stably established.

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