The following policy measures are used to manage automobile exhaust gases.

Permissible Emission Levels for Manufactured Motor Vehicles

This system mandates the manufacture of vehicles with low pollutant emissions from the production stage to reduce environmental pollution caused by automobiles at the source. Permissible emission levels for manufactured motor vehicles have been tightened several times over the years, and current standards are equivalent to those of the United States and Europe. Ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) standards were applied to gasoline vehicles by adopting U.S. standards in 2006, and the fleet average system (FAS) of California was introduced and has been applied since 2009. Permissible emission levels equivalent to Euro-5 standards were applied to diesel vehicles from 2009 by adopting European standards, and Euro-6 will be applicable from 2014.

Project to Reduce Exhaust Gases from Vehicles in Operation

It has been pointed out that in order to improve Seoul Metropolitan air quality, it is essential to reduce the particulate matter emitted by diesel vehicles in operation. Accordingly, diesel vehicles registered in the Seoul Metropolitan region whose emissions warranty has expired are tested under stricter conditions than previous permissible emission levels for vehicles in operation. A vehicle that fails to satisfy the requirements must be equipped with a DPF, p-DPF, DOC, or other exhaust reducing device, remodeled with a low-pollution engine, or scrapped early.

After a pilot project in 2004 targeting vehicles owned by public institutions, a total of 770,000 decrepit diesel vehicles have been addressed to ensure low pollution, with 1.876 trillion won injected from the National Treasury from 2005 to 2013. In 2013, a total of 54,000 vehicles were addressed by investing 65.9 billion won.

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