At the 11th Conference of the Parties held in Hyderabad, India, in October, 2012, Korea was selected as the host country of the 12th Biological Diversity Convention Conference of the Parties. As Korea successfully held major international conferences including the Ramsar Conference in 2008, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification Conference in 2011, the World Conservation Congress in 2012, etc., performed important environmental conventions including Biological Diversity Convention faithfully, and negotiation ability shown in the process of adopting the Nagoya Protocol received high praise, the country succeeded in hosting the 12th Biological Diversity Convention Conference of the Parties. 

The 12th Biological Diversity Convention Conference of the Parties in 2014 is expected to be very important because the 1st Nagoya Protocol Meeting of the Parties on 'Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing’ is going to be held, and that discussion on strategies for biological diversity conservation and strategies for performing Aichi Target and raising financial resources smoothly is expected to begin in earnest.

As the country will host the 12th Biological Diversity Convention Conference of the Parties, the Ministry of Environment is planning to start consultations between relevant ministries for securing organization and resources for the conference, to excavate agendas capable of leading international discussion in the area of biological diversity, to amend or supplement domestic institutions including 'Biological Diversity Strategy and Action Plans' made in 2009 in a systematic way, and to select host city through pre-verification of symbolism and infrastructure and fair assessment by domestic and overseas experts and specialists.

The coming 12th Biological Diversity Convention is to serve as an opportunity for consolidating our country's status as a group leading the international community in the area of biological diversity along with great economic and non-economic effects and give considerable contribution to domestic biological industry using biological resources as original materials.


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