To take the lead in climate negotiations, the country successfully held Pre-COP Ministerial Meeting suggesting political directions for reaching a settlement of negotiations at the COP18 Conference of the Parties from October 21 through October 23, 2012. This Pre-COP18 Ministerial Meeting was the first large scale meeting at which environment ministers from around 40 countries participated. Korea led discussions so that detailed action plans can be drawn in each agenda of Climate Change Convention and different opinions concerning greenhouse gas reduction level and reduction performance system of advanced and developing countries can be settled smoothly. Minister level delegates from the countries in the world made efforts to seek ways of settling difficult reality in climate change crisis management and to gather political will. As a consequence, this conference served as an important guidance for COP18 Doha Conference of the Parties.

As Korea successfully held the 2012 Pre-COP Climate Change Ministerial Meeting, succeeded in attracting the GCF, and successfully turned the GGGI into an international body, the international community expects Korea to play a bridging role between developed countries and developing countries. Through his keynote speech at the 18th Climate Change Conference, the environment minister stressed the necessity of simultaneous consideration of emission reduction and financial assistance, stating that Korea is willing to provide a place for discussion by holding regular high level ministerial meetings. High Level Climate Change Conference is scheduled to be held during the second half of the year 2013, at which some 100 minister level chief delegates from about 30 important countries participating in climate change negotiations and from important organizations relating to climate change (GCF, IPCC, etc) will participate to discuss balanced expansion of reduction and finance, upward adjustment of Pre-2020 reduction goals, ways to establish stable financial support system for developing countries, ways to seek mid and long term financial resources, etc.

The Ministry of Environment is planning to take the lead in future climate change negotiations by suggesting directions for climate change discussion and playing a bridging role between developed countries and developing countries for a smooth settlement as an arbitrator. The ministry is now preparing strategy for drawing detailed outcomes by gathering or listening to opinions of experts from industrial, academic and government communities and through consultations among relevant ministries, and is doing its best to promote the country's international status as a country leading green growth.  

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