As environmental problems arise in wide areas due to various and complicated factors, since the mid-1990s, the focus of environmental policy has been changed from point pollution source to nonpoint source pollution in the unit of “myeon”(township in Korea) areas. Accordingly, the Ministry of Environment introduced its first Satellite Image Use System in 1990, and used it in general environmental administration comprising nonpoint source pollution, environmental impact assessment, and consultation on national land planning. Furthermore, it greatly contributed to the activation of national spatial information system by being widely distributed to public organizations and academic research institutions for the purpose of public interest.

Since 1998, Land Cover Map has been produced to make it possible to figure out properties such as green area ratio, storm water run off rate, nonpoint pollutants discharging rate, and greenhouse gas, emission rate, and collection of the information in different administration districts. Accordingly, such information was used to draw up various policies such as nonpoint source pollution management, climate change projection modeling, land-change monitoring, and landslide and flood prediction.

In addition, by providing basic information on various environmental thematic maps such as biotope maps, ecological zoning maps, and environmental conservation value assessment maps, it is analyzed that there is a cost-saving effect of KRW 137.7 billion on a five-year basis.

User convenience has been improved to make environmental spatial information available both on and offline, in order to increase the usage of various environmental spatial information. In 2012, in line with the government's SMART education program, educational contents for elementary, middle and high school curriculum was developed thus advancing environmental education and improving understanding by using spatial information.

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