Government-authorized statistics managed by the Ministry of Environment has a total of 25 types as of June 2012, including Statistics on Waterworks and Sewerage as well as National Greenhouse Gas Emission Statistics in accordance with the enforcement of Low-Carbon Green Growth Framework Act. In addition, 36 types of basic statistics for policy and 25 types of e-Nara Index are produced for the use of policy establishment and evaluation. The Ministry of Environment publishes such environmental statistics in statistical reports such as Environmental Statistical Year Book, Generation and Treatment of Industrial Wastewater, Statistics on Waterworks and Sewerage, and Status on National Waste Generation and Treatment. Environmental Statistical Year Book, for instance, has been published annually since 1988 to raise public awareness on environmental conservation by disclosing information on environmental status and management related to air quality, water quality, wastes etc. Moreover, Environmental Statistics Portal System ( is made available to the public so that people can promptly and conveniently have access to environmental statistics, while the advancement of the environmental statistics is actively pushed for through the implementation of the environmental statistics mobile service (June 2010) and Forum on Advancement of Environmental Statistics.

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