「Act on Indoor Air Quality control in Public Use Facilities, etc.」 is being amended to strengthen the control of indoor air quality pollutants, which are discharged from composite wood products widely used for furniture, interior, etc. and indoor finishing materials in a preventive way. Current ‘Notice on Architectural Materials Discharging Pollutant’ based on post-control has limitations in reducing pollutants. Therefore, the ministry is planning to obligate a discharging test for imported and manufactured architectural materials and composite wood products and to introduce a system of restricting the sale of improper products and their use in public facilities.

To induce voluntary control and to foster basis of self-regulating competition, the ministry is planning to give accreditation to excellent facilities of indoor air quality management, and is operating accreditation system toward nurseries and large scale malls with pilot programs.

Since 2007, the ministry has continuously been carrying indoor air quality monitoring and improvement projects at small nurseries, children welfare facilities, libraries that are smaller than legal scale standard, and is encouraging facility managers to control indoor air quality by developing and providing facility control manual.

Last modified : 2013-10-29 17:37

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