Asbestos is a generic term for fibrous silicate minerals stemming from the nature. When inhaled, the first class carcinogen, asbestos can cause malignant mesothelioma, lung cancer and other diseases and have 10 to 40 years of latent period. Since 2009, 'Comprehensive Policy for Asbestos Management' was established and promoted in cooperation with related ministries to protect people from asbestos.

'Comprehensive Policy for Asbestos Management', a governmental policy taking overall responsible for asbestos monitoring, provides pan-national measures on asbestos management by combining various measures of different ministries and departments, and sets 18 mid-term tasks and 55 detailed tasks in 5 areas including 'primary elimination of asbestos', 'life cycle management of asbestos safety in buildings', 'controlling  asbestos mines and natural asbestos', 'health hazards management and aid' and 'risk communication'.

In addition, the government is revising and enforcing 「Act on Asbestos Damage Relief」, which was enacted in 2010 to immediately relieve health damages caused by asbestos. 「Act on Asbestos Safety Management」 was revised and enforced to manage asbestos safely and protect national health from asbestos damages since 2011. According to 「Act on Asbestos Safety Management」, a detailed geological map to identify the distributed area of asbestos is to be prepared annually and survey on national health impact is to be conducted if necessary. Also, areas concerned with asbestos shattering is to be designated as a management area. The Ministry also plans to conduct an asbestos investigation for public buildings, schools and multi-purpose facilities to manage asbestos  by drawing asbestos map and appointing manager in charge of the safety of asbestos-containing building.


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