As Program for Ensuring Environmentality in Electrical & Electronic Products and Automobiles currently applies to 10 biggest electrical & electronic products (television, refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioner, PC, audio, mobile phone, copy machine, printer, and fax machine) and 3 vehicle types (car, passenger van, and truck 3 tons or less), efficiency in the program implementation is not satisfactory yet.

The current domestic recycled amount of 10 biggest electrical & electronic products is 2.76kg per person, far below 4kg per person of the EU. To create a system for continued resource recirculation in electrical & electronic products, the EU-style of program for management of targeted per person recycle should be adopted to expand the designated list to cover all products eventually. As the country is a producer and exporter of world-class electrical & electronic products, with a view to achieving a goal higher than the EU standards, improvement of a collection and recycle system, upgrade of standards for recycling facilities, and strengthened standards for refrigerant recovery by a waste home electronics recyclers are being pushed for.

In addition, to achieve expansion of the list of recyclable disused vehicles and per vehicle recycle ration (95% targeted after 2015), the recycle ratio will be raised to the level of advanced countries (e.g. EU, Japan etc.) by introducing EPR that imposes on manufacturer and importer the responsibility for reusing non-metal substances (e.g. CFC, ASR etc.).

Last modified : 2013-10-29 17:20

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