There is an increase in recycling and a decrease in landfill, but incineration treatment is on the growing trend.
In 1995, 72.3% of municipal waste was buried and only 23.7% was recycled, but with the implementation of Volume Based Waste Fee System and other recycling policies, in 2010, recycling rate skyrocketed to 60.5% and landfill rate plummeted to 17.9%, indicating a desirable change in the waste treatment structure. Incineration rate of municipal waste in 2008 did not increase by much compared to previous years(18.6% in 2007, 19.9% in 2008).

Status of Municipal Waste Treatment

Landfill treatment of industrial waste was decreasing, as was the case with the municipal waste, but it started to increase again since 2007. Rate of recycling is continuously increasing with more than 80% in 2010.

Status of Industrial Waste Treatment

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