For NOx&VOCs, the effect of the improvement is not enough or not clear. Because of the low NOx burner project, 2,805 tons of NOx was reduced from 2006 to 2011 but due to the increase of the traffic of vehicles, the result was not satisfactory despite of various automobile low pollution plans. In the meantime, for VOCs, the result is not enough due to the lack of practical counter measures for the use of organic solvents or scattering emission sources.
Therefore, in order to establish and promote the basic plan for the control of the capital air environment, ‘environmental welfare’ concept is planned to be introduced to develop a happy-life policy which can be sympathized with the general public using new political paradigm so called ‘health risk’ and this is planned to be promoted intensively.
A task force team was constructed to establish the basic plan of the 2nd stage and the special law modification and basic plan for the air quality improvement of the capital area will be prepared through the collection of various opinions from public hearing, expert forum etc. while having the close cooperative network with the specialists and organizations concerned such as civil group, central office group, local government, academic world, related organizations, etc. in 2013. After then, this plan will be deliberated by the capital area air environmental management committee and will be decided and notified. In the meantime, the execution plan by each of the local government (3 cities & province) based on the basic plan will be established in 2014 and the second air environment management plan in the capital area will be practically executed.

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