Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development is consisted of main committee and 4 expert subcommittees. The main committee, consisting of 1 chairman and less than 50 members, establishes the plan for the effective promotion of national sustainable development and evaluates its performance as a legal deliberation agency. The four expert subcommittees are consisted of 20 ~ 80 members per subcommittee and the chairman assigns them to support the activities of the main committee. They will prepare the professional measures for each of the area through professional research, investigation and review for the deliberation of the main committee.

The 6th Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development launched in September 2010 is consisted of 24 members including 18 civil members and 6 official members. Its main functions are to ① review the sustainable development plan being prepared every 5 years, ② prepare the sustainable development index and evaluate the national sustainability on a regular basis with 2 years of cycle, ③ prepare the national sustainability report focused on the political tasks involved in the basic plan of sustainable development by applying the sustainable development index. In addition, it is to ④ supply, educate and promote the knowledge and information of sustainable development, and finally to ⑤ implement the issues related to the international agreement and cooperation in regards to the sustainable development.

The Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development, that was established to consult with the President in regards to the sustainable vision and political tasks, prepared the legal foundation by enacting the ‘Framework Act on Sustainable Development’. Also, the institutional ground for the role of local Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development was established to build a cooperative system in order to promote the sustainable development between the nation and provinces, and the basic principle was specified to promote the effective sustainable development through national sustainability evaluation.

The 2nd Basic Plan for Sustainable Development (2011-2015) (Draft) prepared by deliberation at the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development is planned to be finalized after the deliberation and vote at the Presidential Committee on Green Growth and Cabinet meeting. In preparation for the Rio+20 (World Summit on Sustainable Development) in 2012, a sustainability report was prepared with regards to the performance of sustainable development and future plan. Also, the status of Korea in the world can be improved by introducing the 2nd Basic Plan for Sustainable Development and the evaluation results for sustainable development internationally. In order to secure the sustainability of national policy, the performance plan for sustainable development of each department will be modified and supplemented by evaluating the performance plan of central administrative agency and sustainable development index every 2 years.

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