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I am Cho KyeungKyu, Minister of Environment.
Thank you for visiting the homepage of the Ministry of Environment.

I would like to take heed of the voices from the ground for effectively implementing environmental policies on the spot, aimed at enhancing people's happiness. I promise to exert myself to bear fruitful outcomes of environmental policies by extensively communicating with stakeholders and seeking solutions on the ground.

I will also put every effort to resolve immediate environmental challenges and manage the safety of everyday chemical products. Moreover, preemptive responses should be taken to the issues directly related with public health such as drinking water quality and fine dust mitigation.

I will also promote sustainable development with a comprehensive approach for addressing climate change, securing biodiversity and establishing a resource-circulating society.

I cordially ask for your continuous support and encouragement to lay the cornerstone for the environment welfare state for future generations.

Thank you very much.

September, 2016

Cho KyeungKyu

Minister of Environment

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